A Warm Welcome to London Skills and Development Network (LSDN)

Virgine Ramond LSDN CEO

Virginie Ramond
London Skills and Development Network

At LSDN our catchphrase is ‘Love Learning’.

People learn with us and join our courses for many reasons, to improve their career prospects, gain a qualification they need for University/Higher Education, or to achieve a personal or professional goal.

As well as helping each student achieve his or her personal ambition and goal, we aim to provide a positive and accessible approach to teaching and learning and to install a lifelong love for learning in all those we support and come into contact with.

LSDN is a friendly and caring environment, we do not judge people based on their background or past life experiences, we are interested in your future potential and the goals that you are aiming to achieve during your time with us.

We are a diverse environment with a strong belief in equality, inclusion and social justice.

At LSDN you will be treated with respect, you will receive high-quality guidance and advice, and you will be  challenged to excel and achieve to the fullest of your potential.

I hope you find the information you need on this website and that your time with us is enjoyable, challenging and successful. Most of all, I hope that you LOVE LEARNING with us at LSDN.